Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mid-Week Life

The weather is getting nice, a little cool for a Central Valley summer. Mom's work is getting exciting. Construction will start any day on the Police Department expansion project.

Dad has been begging for homemade chili for dinner, so Mom made a crockpot full. Unfortunately, it turned out a little too spicy for Dad. He took his chances and ate it anyway. This recipe is definitely a keeper. We just need to turn down the heat a little. The girls weren't even interested, so they shared shredded cheese.

Mom doesn't usually like to let the girls play with Play Doh unless she is in the room with them. Tonight I gave in and let them play. After sticking around for awhile, I left the room and decided I will just deal with the mess later.

The following picture is from last Sunday morning in Tehachapi's Central Park. We took the girls there after breakfast for a little fun. We ended up leaving in a hurry when a creepy-looking guy started hanging around the playground.

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