Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lydia's Birthday-Saturday

Lydia is a friend and fellow designer. She draws plans for homes and small commercial projects. We also do this type of work, but sometimes we collaborate on projects where she does the design and we do the engineering. She is the type of person (and comes from the type of family) who works long hours and multiple jobs. It is this dedication to hardwork and her genuine talent that affords her the opportunity to design her own beautiful home.

She invited us over today for a party, but we didn't find out until after we arrived that it was her birthday. There were lots of little kids for Chloe and Pearl to play with, however, their favorite activity seemed to be digging and rolling in the dirt! Lydia and her baby girl are pictured in the far right, middle row.

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Lauren and Ed said... got some great photos of the girls. What sweet smiles. Mia has that same turquoise green Gap dress. :)