Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring is Coming!


Today was a great day! It was cold in the morning and as usual, I had to turn on the heater at work. By the afternoon, it was hot enough to turn on the A/C, but I just didn't have the nerve, even though it topped 80 degrees INSIDE my office.

I am making progress on my next pattern, but today I sold twice as many of my first pattern, the Forget Me Knot Dress, as I have ever sold in one day. I sold 10 patterns! When Chloe saw me get excited, she also became excited and started bouncing off the walls and was out of control for over an hour. We just laughed and danced and played. It was such a fun evening.

When I came home from work all of our flowering trees were in bloom. Dad was cleaning the pool deck, with help from Chloe. Pearl was raking pine needles at the other end of the yard. When she saw me with the camera, she dropped the rake and began dancing around the lawn. It was too dark to raise my shutter speed, so these pictures might be a little blurry, but we'll just pretend I was trying to show motion.

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Somewhere In The Sun said...

Wow, that's great that you sold so many patterns! I imagine as it starts getting warmer you will sell LOTS more!

Chloe makes a sweet little helper for her Daddy!