Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In Search of Butterflies

We have been spending our warm Spring evenings in the yard enjoying the wonders of nature. Chloe and Pearl have a butterfly net, insect jar with screened lid, and a butterfly habitat to store the victims visitors in. We usually keep them for an hour or two and then return them to their business. It seems that lately, Chloe is more interested in exploring the yard than Pearl, so I don't have any current pictures of her. I guess when I am ready to blog about watching DVDs, then I can catch a shot of Pearl.


Shay Ankerich said...

Very cute image! Hilarious about blogging about DVD's- that would be EK is she could turn it on herself. I think she would watch tv all day if I would let her. She will also read books and do school all day too!

Marla said...

LOL @ victims and posting about watching DVD's. :)

Cute shot of the butterfly catcher!

Donna said...

Too funny about the DVD's! That's my Gwenny!

This photo of Chloe with the butterfly net is just stunning!

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Teresa said...

What a great shot of Chloe. It really captures her personality.

Caroline and Chloe would have a great time together catching bugs. Caroline is into roly-poly bugs and mud right now.