Sunday, May 03, 2009

Playing Princess

Life has been so busy these past couple of weeks. I had to travel to Vegas to spend time with my mother in the hospital. She broke her hip, had surgery and then went through a week of rehabilitation in the hospital. They got her up and walking and she is now back at her home.

I felt strange not taking any pictures in almost two weeks. Sure, I had some evening time after work, but the motivation wasn't there and we have had a lot of doctor appointments with Chloe and me. Chloe had to have vaccinations and bloodwork so that she could enter Kindergarten next year. I just needed an annual exam.

This weekend, it was Dad's turn to leave town. He had business a few hours away, so I had time to relax at home with just the girls. I wanted to get the camera back out, so I told the girls they could dress up in their princess dresses (no arm-twisting required there) if they would let me take their pictures.

Here are some of the pictures from today.
Princesses Pearl and Chloe
Chloe Beauty 3
Pearl Belle 2
Chloe and Pearl
Chloe Beauty 2
Pearl Belle
Chloe Beauty


Marla said...

I'm sorry about your mom! Glad she is back home.

Love the pictures, the girls look beautiful!

Y'all have a great week!

Rachel said...

What beautiful princesses!

Sorry about your mom - I hope her recovery goes quickly and smoothly.

mommy24treasures said...

absoulte beautiful Princesses! Love the catchlight!
Hope your mom recovers quickly with no complications as well.

Teresa said...

Beautiful princesses! Love the dresses on them. Pearl looks lovely in red, by the way.

I really need a good camera someday. Your photos are just superb.

Natalie said...

Darling Photographs of your princesses!
Hope your mom bounces back quickly! I'm glad you had a chance to spend the time with her.

How do you get your photographs so large on your page????

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Oh my they are just beautiful! I know they had so much fun getting all dressed up!


Shay Ankerich said...

So beautiful! I love the catch lights you captured!!! Take more!!!

Donna said...

Your photography skills are amazing! The girls are so pretty. Maddy saw the first picture and said "I want to be a princess with earrings!"

We'll have to all get together and have a big dressup party!


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Karen said...

Lovely pictures... lovely princesses!

Sorry about your mom! Hope she's recovering well.

Ohilda said...


You princesses are just beautiful!!! I can't get over how big they're getting.

So sorry to hear about your Mom, too.



June said...

WOW, great photo quality!
what camera etc are you using?
The wedding shots, ladybugs and the girls in their finery are just breathtaking!


tiffany said...

Wow, doesnt their beauty just take your breath away?

Sharyn said...

I'm glad you mom is walking!

I love the pic with Chloe sticking out her tongue. It really captures her personality.