Saturday, May 09, 2009

Just for fun

Thursday evening I took one of the Pixel Fairy Princess' online photo classes on using Photoshop to pop colors, converting to black and whites, and implementing texture. Texture was the topic I was most interested in. Since then, I have played around with different images for a few hours. I think I have the technique pretty well figured out. The difficulty is in the artistry and application. Most everything I try looks terrible. Even when I think it looks great and I upload it to Flickr, then I go back and look at it and hate it. Here are a couple of my practice photos that weren't too bad. The texture in the third picture (which I think I applied a little too heavily) is from the ceiling in my house!

I will have to post a little later about Chloe's special Mother's Day presentation at her preschool. It was so much fun.
Pomagranate Flower
Getty Flower
Almond Blossom

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mommy24treasures said...

WOW! You did WONDERFUL! I have been try try trying the texture thing but can't exactly figure out the perfect technique. I have picked up a few free tutorials here and there but this is so good!