Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Funny Chloe

I realize that the past few posts have been mostly about Chloe and not so much about Pearl. I do have some news to post about Pearl, but I need to take a picture to go with it.

So for now, I will just mention one little moment I shared with Chloe the other day, mostly as an excuse to post this picture of her.

Last week I was putting my laundry away upstairs in my bedroom closet. Chloe asked me if she could do something. I cannot even remember what it was, so let's just assume she asked me if she could go ride her bike. To which I replied, "Not right now Honey. You need supervision". Without pausing for thought, she immediately responded, "Mom. I have SUPER VISION!" She even raised her voice like a cartoon character as she said it. I think she has a pretty good sense of humor for a five year old. She makes me laugh so many times every day.

Chloe in May


mommy24treasures said...

so cute:)
I love the things they come with.

Teresa said...

LOL! That's one smart cookie with a great imagination. I don't let Caroline out without supervision either, but she has never come up with such a clever answer.

Shay Ankerich said...

Cute story and extra sweet Chloe!