Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Chinese Danish American Wedding

Bride and Groom
This past weekend, we had the pleasure to attend the wedding of our college friend Karl, to his lovely bride Chueng Wei. Guests from Denmark, China and the US came to Del Mar California to share in the moment on a beautiful cliff park overlooking the sea.

Amazingly, we hadn't been to a wedding in a very long time. The last one I can recall was our sister-in-law's wedding back when Chloe was just a baby and we didn't even have Pearl yet. I was seriously worried how the girls would do at this one, given they are used to being "entertained". And while there were some challenging moments ("Mommy, I can't see!" was uttered incessantly), we all left with a wonderful memory of the very special joining of two lives and two cultures.

Chloe and Pearl spent the majority of their time either chasing squirrels or catching ladybugs. The ladybugs were an easy conquest since they congregated in the wedding flowers attached to the rows of chairs. It was easy pickin's for the girls and there was joy and laughter all around.

The wedding was on a Sunday, so we decided to take Monday off work and take our time coming home. We stopped by Legoland for a few hours and BOY WAS IT HOT! We were almost eager to leave (after spending oodles of money on tickets). I think we only lasted about four rides and some free play time. When we got back to the car, we realized it was 95 degrees as we melted into our seats for the long air-conditioned ride home.
Del Mar Beach
Flower girl & Ring bearer
Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

Ladybug Hunting
Hunting for Ladybugs

Ladybug on Bud
Two in the hand
Pearl resting
Plaza fountain
Danish Wedding cake
Taking Vows


Donna said...

So beautiful! I love the dresses and the hair and the cake and the ladybug pic! It's all just spectacular! I love weddings!

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mommy24treasures said...

oh such beautiful photography.:)

Mission To Macie said...

wow! beautiful!

your pictures turned out amazing!

Jill :)

Mamacita said...

Your photography is amazing. You are growing by leaps and bounds. Wonderful!

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful location!! And the girls look so beautiful, too! I'm sad to say not all of the photos are loading, though, so I'll have to come back and check out the rest later.

Anonymous said...

looks like a beautiful ceremony. The girls looked beautiful as always!