Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Mini Vacation

At almost the last minute, we decided to take a long Easter weekend and venture off to the Monterey Bay for a few days of fun. We were able to meet up with another family with a daughter from China and had a nice loooooooooong dinner (or more accurately, a long wait for the table). Dad had to bring some work with him on the trip, but he was able to get it done, so we had lots of time for playing around. We found this really neat playground at a local elementary school and the girls were able to expend some energy. There was even a little track and Chloe ran two laps around it. Maybe we've got a future cross-country athlete in our midst.
On Thursday, we took a trip north to visit with Cousins Bruce and Lorene. Lorene wasn't feeling well, so we only had time for a hug, but we were able to stay for a little while to visit with Cousin Bruce on his birthday. The girls totally love him and were playing all over him. Later he attempted to teach them Checkers. I am not sure the girls got it, but they sure enjoyed the effort.

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Marla said...

How fun! That first picture is awesome, I love how her hair is just flying!

Happy Easter!