Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Day Off Work

I finally convinced my husband (a big American Idol fan), to join me for a day of American Idol in Hollywood. I waited over a year for these tickets and tried to go a month ago, but was turned away because they cancelled the taping of the rehersal show. After driving two hours and taking a day off work, I was pretty peturbed and frustrated. They gave me a number to call, which I did, and I received a replacement ticket for March 17th. By then, I was still upset and didn't want to waste a day off only to be turned away again, so I didn't go. That morning, "American Idol" called ME to see if I was coming to the show. At that point, I realized that they must be "for real" and I rescheduled for March 31st.

Shortly after arriving in line, we were pulled aside to a "priority" line and we entered the waiting area first. That's where our "priority" status ended, but it did make it more convenient for us and we had great seats for the rehearsal show. After the rehersal, they told us that there were some seats available for the "live" show if we wanted to stand in another line. Hey, we already took the whole day off, so why not give it a shot? Well, we waited and were given wristbands (a hopeful sign), but alas, we did not get in. It felt a little bit ironic to be listening to the live show, standing just outside the door. We could only hear it because there was a hole in the wall where some electrical cords were poking out. In a gesture of fan appreciation, they took our names and numbers and offered us tickets to a future performance, next time a "live" performance. I just might go again.

We had left the girls at home, in good company, and made it back by 9:30 PM. Pearl had sacked out on the couch, but Chloe was too diligent to fall asleep before we made it home safely.

The show was really a lot of fun. The studio is tiny. It looks much bigger on TV. They were also shooting "Dancing With the Stars" on the same lot, so we were able to see a few stars milling outside their trailers before going on.

When we arrived home, we watched the show on television and it was fascinating to hear how different the performances sounded. I don't have a favorite contestant yet, but I do really enjoy Danny and Adam. Before tonight, I didn't really care for Kris Allen, but his performance was my favorite and my opinion of him has started to change.


Teresa said...

Very cool! Glad you had some fun with your hubby.

Donna said...

What fun!

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