Monday, April 06, 2009

Forever Family Day

Chloe in the Yard

Saturday April 4th was not only Pearl's birthday party, but it was also the fourth anniversary of Chloe joining our lives. It was she who made us a family and it was she that showed us how much more joy we were capable of feeling.

I don't really know how to express the words for how she changed our lives. When I first held her, it wasn't instantaneous love. It took me a few months for that love to grow, but now it is so strong that it scares me. I wish so much that I could have had these deep feelings from day one.

We traveled to Nanning China in the Guangxi province. The nannies brought Chloe in from the orphanage in Qinzhou. She had been in foster care for 4 months. There were 14 other babies in our group, 5 of which were from the same orphanage as Chloe. Chloe didn't cry much at first. She was scared and sick. She slept very well. It was a rough two weeks, but we never regretted a moment.

Tonight we watched videos from when she was a baby and when we met her. I cannot believe how small she was. That cute little baby is gone and now she's my sweet loving little girl. I haven't seen her like that in over three years. I am so glad Dad thought to tape those moments.

Today I got her some flowers and we took her picture. In two weeks, we are attending a wedding and I ordered the girls some very fancy dresses. Chloe tried hers on to see if it fit. The tags were still on it.

Chloe's Flowers
Chloe in Doorway


Marla said...

What a beauty! Happy Forever Family Day to all of you!

mommy24treasures said...

Happy family day. Your Chloe is just beautiful:)
I think all Chloe's are;)

Michelle said...

So much to celebrate!! Chloe looks stunning in her pretty dress!

p.s. Our Da Xin is from Nanning, Guangxi.