Friday, April 03, 2009

Our Newest Author

Thursday evening I came home from work a half hour early. I had gone in early and taken a short lunch. After I walked in the door, Pearl greeted me with exhuberance and mentioned she was making a book. That is one of the girls' favorite projects. They are always drawing on something and calling it a book. I didn't give it much thought, but encouraged her and then left to get Chloe from daycare.

Everyone was settled in so I began sewing a prototype for my newest pattern. I have no idea if it will turn out, but it is piecing together nicely for now. Time flew and it was now dinner time. My husband let me order delivery so I wouldn't have to cook and so I could keep sewing.....what a sweetie!

At the dinner table, Chloe was telling us stories and engaging in conversation, which she does quite well. Pearl ate quickly and then asked to be excused. She had a surprise for us that she was so excited to share.

She came back with a book she had made all by herself. The only assistance she had was when Elena, our helper, stapled some white sheets of paper together. She not only drew all the pictures, but she wrote out an entire story as well.
front coverPearl book Pearl "The Little Rabbit Wants a Mommy" by Pearl Chavez
page 2&3
Then the little bunny smells a carrot. A carrot that is "all" said the bunny and the bunny likes to eat it.
page 4&5
Then he saw a mommy. Could that mommy be my (mine)? The mommy bunny look at the little bunny, they look back at each other.
page 6&7
They look and look and look and they look and they found out they was family. They had a fun day and they love each familys make others happy. (?)
page 8&9
Family's is the best day. When is my birthday?
back cover

Pearl took her book to school and read it to her teacher and her class. When she came home tonight, she made another book, even better and more detailed that this one. She used bunnies and eggs because it is almost Easter. She mentions a birthday because tomorrow is her birthday party. My little Pearl is starting to amaze me. As she handed me her second book, she exclaimed "I am the author AND the illustrator."


mommy24treasures said...

wow:) Great job! SO glad you blogged it to remember forever...

Teresa said...

I double that Wow! I am absolutely stunned at Pearl's abilities! She is really amazing.