Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Final Day in England

We have spent the past two days in Warwick England. There is a famous castle that has been turned into an amusement park and a very lovely Episcopal church in this town. Strolling the streets was also very nice. I am going to post a few miscellaneous pictures over the past week. I will try to get some of Warwick Castle up in a future post. I didn't take very many pictures today because once again, it rained on us all day!

Tonight we had to say goodbye to Daisy. Monday she returns to China for the remainder of the summer. We will miss her very much.

Next stop.............PARIS!!!!

More pictures from Sudeley Castle above. I wanted to take many more, but between the rain and my family, I had to be satisfied with what I captured. It was beautiful.

Our cottage in the Cotswolds had two indoor swimming pools, a stone children's playhouse, a full playground and a trampoline. The trampoline was an especially big hit with the girls. I will post more pictures of this place later.

This is Broadway Tower. The views from the top are amazing. It is touted as the world's smallest castle. Later I will post more pictures. It was well worth the visit.

Above is St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Warwick England. It is fabulous!

This is St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

And finally, we have a few more pictures of London, including one from the top of the tour bus. It looks a little cartoony because I took multiple exposures while we were moving.


day by day said...

soooo beautiful!! I am glad you are all having such a nice time!!

Jennifer said...

Wow is all I can say about these pictures!! They are just beautiful!!

Donna said...

Looks like you've had such a fun time in England! I love the photos -- especially the little castle and the gorgeous shot of Big Ben and Parliment.

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