Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Can Sew!

After seeing Lynn's creation on her daughter Olivia's blog (another Qinzhou girl like my Chloe), I became motivated to make something for the girls myself. As the timing worked out, I was one day away from traveling to the mountains to move our stuff out of our vacation home (we sold it) and one of the items I kept there was a sewing machine.

Well, I am certainly no expert. I haven't sewn in about 7 years. I bought my new sewing machine 7 years ago and only used it once. It came with a video instead of an owner's manual and now I have lost the video. I really don't know how to use this machine, but I played around with it until I could accomplish a couple of different stitches and I started with this very simple project. I also had to research on the internet to figure out how to thread the needle and wind a bobbin. I never did figure out how to backstitch. The first top must have taken me 5 hours. But, then the learning curve kicked in and I was able to crank out the second top in about half that time.

The girls had so much fun in the backyard picking oranges and grapefruits in their new tops. Chloe's is a bit long, so it looks more like a dress, but she likes it that way. I guess that just means she will be able to wear it for a long time.


Somewhere In The Sun said...

You did fantastic! The girls look adorable! I love the colors, especially the purple. I would say you could have asked me for help but that would have been like the blind leading the blind! :) I do know how to backstictch though! LOL

What are you making next?


Kimber said...

You did a GREAT job!

Mission to Macie said...


You and Lynn are acutally making me want to try this! LOL

Great job.......beautiful models!

Jill :)

Sharyn said...

I think I made a similar top in my 9th grade sewing class. LOL. The girls look great. How nice to have something made with love!