Saturday, June 21, 2008

We're Home

We had a wonderful vacation! We have been home for three days now and we are still recovering from the colds that we picked up. It has been a lazy few days. Our trip home was very long. Our plane landed in LAX at 4:30 AM and we had to wait at the airport for nearly 7 hours for the bus ride (3hrs) home. We didn't sleep well on the plane or the bus, so we were pretty much exhausted when we got home. If I had realized the schedule would have been this bad, we probably would have driven to the airport and paid for the two weeks parking.

Chloe and Pearl seemed so happy to be home and to play with their toys in the playroom. They spent the entire day Friday down there and they never even managed to change out of their pajamas. But they did manage to brush their teeth, if not their hair.

Chris will only be with us for a few more days before she has to return to China. I could tell she was starting to pack and "thin out" her stuff because the girls kept bringing me gifts from their big sister. She gave them five little mascots from the Beijing Olympics and she also gave them a fan from China. This is what spurred Chloe to dress up as a princess and display her new fan.

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