Friday, June 13, 2008

Arrival on the Big Island & a Submarine Ride

Arriving at our new home
Our kitchen for the week

Hilton Grounds
Tram ride at the Hilton

We have been on the Big Island for 3 days now. It seems like only one. The time is flying by so quickly. I have come down with a cold, but everyone else seems to be faring well so far.

This island is dramatically different than Kauai. We haven't ventured out to see the green side yet, but the scenery here is mostly black lava rock, dry shrubs and a palm tree-lined coast. We are staying at a very luxurious resort in Waikoloa. This place is very nice and very touristy. Our condo is amazing. This place must be 1400 square feet and brand new. It is a large complex and mostly empty, so we have all the great facilities to ourselves. There is a nice pool, and a wading pool with a sand bottom for the kids, a hot tub for grown ups and a work-out room. The beach is just a few steps beyond the pool and it is loaded with amenities. You can rent anything from kayaks to scuba gear. It would be very easy to spend all our time here without seeing the rest of the island.

We are sandwiched between some very high end resorts and the Hilton Waikoloa is within walking distance. This place is a destination in itself, situated on 62 acres. There are lagoons, shops, restaurants, multiple towers with rooms and it takes a tram or boat ride to get around. Hopefully, we will take the girls here later to experience a dolphin encounter. The grounds are spectacular and there are beautiful statues, bridges and works of art everywhere.

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Mission to Macie said...

what an awesome trip you are having! i love checking your blog each day!

happy travels,
Jill and Macie

P.s. beautiful pics!