Saturday, June 21, 2008

More Pics from Hawaii

Here are a few more pictures taken of the girls while we were in Hawaii. Dad took them shopping and bought them two dress-up outfits to keep them entertained while we just hung out at the condo.


Jennifer said...

Wow Hawaii!! I'm jealous:)) I try to keep up from time to time. The girls are as cute as ever!! Thanks for the comment on our blog, we are excited!

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Your vacation looks like it was fabulous! And what a great dad to buy dress up clothes!

Okay, after you comment on my blog I'm ready to you make something...I did have to laugh out loud at your use of the word "slightly!" :)


AdoptedAsHisOwn said...

Hello! I am Aimee' from SewSensible. I, too, have children we adopted and I enjoyed your pictures so much! They remind me of my little Peruvian children. If you are serious about wanting to try sewing an outfit for your daughters, you are more than welcom to go to my site or blog and pick out a pattern and I will email it to you! Just if you want to! or
In Christ,