Friday, June 13, 2008

Luau in Kauai

We couldn't come all the way to Hawaii without experiencing a luau, so we booked an evening at Luau Kalamakua (I probably misspelled that). This is a fairly new theatrical production and they are on a large plantation. When we arrived, we took a train ride around the plantation and looked at lots of the plants and wild pigs. Then the train stopped and we disembarked to feed the pigs. This had Chloe and Pearl squealing with joy as they tried to feed the babies and avoid the big ones. Be assured that these scrawny wild pigs were not the same pigs served up as dinner.

The show was very nice and the performers were great. I wasn't that excited about the food (considering the hefty price tag), but all in all is was a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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