Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cute Stuff

Mom has been so busy at work the past couple of days (retirement party last night for a co-worker and council meeting tonight) that I haven't got much quality time in with my girls, so when I was home, I spent all my time just playing with them.

Tonight I had just a half hour to spend with my Chloe and she asked me to play "Pet Doctor" with her. She had all her doctor tools out and was examining and caring for her stuffed teddy bear and stuffed walrus. She then comes over to me with that gadget that the doctor uses to look in your ear. She holds it up to my ear and confidently proclaims "You have a cavity!" After a slight chuckle, I ask what she would prescribe for me. She reaches for the miniature toy water bottle and says "Here is some ear medicine. Be careful, it burns a little." She administered the medicine and now my ear cavity is all better.

These are the greatest moments.


Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

precious story! I love it when they get the little things confused~ oh so cute.

Thank you for the comment you left a couple of days ago, it meant so much to me!!!



Carol said...

How funny!!
I saw your beautiful girls gracing the homepage of APC!! The look wonderful as always!