Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Eye Screen for Ice Cream

Chloe has a condition where her left eye turns outward or upward during times of fatigue or when she is "zoning out". I believe this condition is called strabismus.

Today was Chloe's first visit with the opthamologist. She was in fine form and acted like a playful kitten, swatting at all of the doctor's tools, spinning in the chairs and looking every direction except for the one the doctor asked her to. There wasn't much I could do other than repeat the doctor's demands and remind her of the imminent "special treat" if she behaved. She tried a little harder and behaved well enough for the doctors to complete their examination. It took over an hour and a half.

They have not yet recommended a course of action, but they want to see her again when her eyes are at their most alert, so that they can take measurements and confirm what they have already documented. The worst case scenario would be surgery, but it sounds like she will just need some therapy.

During the examination, Dr. Yang asked Chloe which type of ice cream she preferred, chocolate or strawberry. For a second, I thought they were gonna give her some ice cream and I am sure she was thinking the same thing too. No such luck. Dr. Yang was just reaching for the "chocolate" eyedrops to dialate her eyes. Seeing the disappointment on her face, I immediately reassured her we would go to the ice cream parlor afterwards (even though it was almost dinner time).

After the appointment, Mom also needed a "special treat", so I went to the fabric store to pick up some notions and some sidewalk chalk for the girls (sounds like a future post).

Ice cream for dinner again!


Mom To Six said...

Awww...well, after an hour and half and being "teased" with chocolate or strawberry icecream, you did good Mama. Ice cream for dinner is a good thing. :)



Anonymous said...

What a sweet mommy to take your little one for ice cream. My Rosemary had one eye that was diagnosed as lazy and we had to patch for so many hours a day. She also wore corrective glasses when in elementary school but outgrew the condition as she got older. I am hoping you get great news from the dr!!!

mommy24treasures said...

awww. I am glad she knew you would take her for some when it was over. Who cares if its dinner time!;)

Lauren and Ed said...

Yeah, what a good girl!!! She worked hard for that ice cream (Mia hated those drops by the way!!!) Remember, even if the patching doesn't work, the surgery was not bad at all! I am here if you need me!

Knopf Family said...

I am glad I am not the only mom that feeds my kids icecream for dinner, lol.
I love your blog...your girls are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your little sweetie's eye issue. I am sure that she will grow out of it. Hope that everything turns out OK. Hope to see all of you when you return north.

Your cousin-in-law,