Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another Weekend Down

Baby Morgan

I have been wanting to take pictures of anything and everything despite the fact that I am still ill with some sort of respiratory condition (going on 6 weeks). I know this blog is supposed to be about Chloe and Pearl, but tonight I feel like posting some of my recent pictures, and the girls aren't in any of them!

Saturday afternoon we went over to our friend Carmen's house. She just gave birth to a baby girl 13 days ago. Her name is Morgan. I had never photographed an infant before, let alone a newborn, so I was eager to pop in and start shooting. If Carmen ever lets me come back, I will bring props the next time. It was so much fun.

The other pictures are just random photos from today. Enjoy!

Here are some apples from our tree!


Leah and Maya said...

so did they make you wear a mask? sorry how terrible to have something for so long. Beautiful baby shots, I wouldl ove to have a baby, and the poor thing would be photographed continually. Lvoe the apple shot, wish I could use elements and textures, need to learn.

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

Stunning!!! I love these photos. You are good!