Sunday, September 06, 2009

Having Fun in Monterey

Chloe and Pearl Sitting in a Tree
This has been a very fun low-key holiday weekend with just the four of us. We have quite a few friends and family in the area, but since I am not feeling all that well, we have decided to just hang out with each other. Saturday morning Dad took the girls swimming in the hotel pool while I slept in. Next we took the girls shopping for shoes because Chloe's tennis shoes were too small. Later on we went to Dennis the Mennace Playground in Monterey. It is very large with lots of fun apparatus and it was packed full of kids and parents. Even though I hate crowds, this place was still a lot of fun. They have a full-sized retired train engine that kids can climb on (with parental supervision).

After the trip to the playground, we were still ready for more fun, so we headed out to the beach. We decided to avoid the crowds at the sandier locations and opted for a small private spot with a rocky shore. Dad and I relaxed in our lounge chairs while the girls collected hermit crabs, over 23. Before we left, we carefully returned the little guys to where they came from. After that, we ended up dining at a fancy restaurant (a little underdressed), The Whaling Station in Monterey. It was a perfect day.
Train Window
Retired Train
Bumpy Slide
Chloe on a Wavy Slide
Sailing the Bay
What's in the Bucket?
Admiring their hermit crabs
Hunting for Hermit CrabsHunting for more hermit crabs

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Teresa said...

Normally I'm capitivated by pictures of your girls, but I have to say that the picture of the boat is really striking.

So did you get any flack for keeping the girls out of school for a few days? We just got back from a cruise to Ensenada and the kids missed 4 days and I got a not-so-thinly-disguised lecture from Caroline's teacher. Oh well.