Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Something Gained and Something Lost

First, SOMETHING GAINED...........can you tell why?


Pearl had her first visit from the Tooth Fairy last night. I really try not to perpetuate stories about tooth fairies and Santa Claus, but this time, the girls wanted to play along. I remember how I did too when I was their age and I always wondered how Mom and Dad got under my pillow while I was sleeping. Well, now I can officially say I know how [wink wink].

And finally, of course, I couldn't let all these natural-looking pictures be posted without playing with one of them in Photoshop, tints, colors, textures and all! For this last shot, I played with the colors tinting the highlights purple and the shadows gold (or visa versa..I cannot recall). Then I added a Florabella texture called "Nostalgia" and finally, I used my favorite brushed copper texture from Boccacino.


Shay Ankerich said...

When I taught school and a child lost a tooth at school, we would stop whatever we were doing and sing!

"Happy tooth day to you!
Happy tooth day to you!
Happy tooth day sweet Pearl!
Happy tooth day to you!"

Blessings to you all!!!

Leah and Maya said...

I love the focus on the dollar and then the focus on the missing tooth, great idea. I always felt lied to as a child, I caught on appaerntly because I lost a tooth in 2nd grade but this time didn't tell my parents and guess what no money under the pillow and the tooth was still there, hmmmmm I was mad and decieved and knew it including santa, eater bunny etc was all lie.

Mamacita said...

Cool. Lina still won't "sell" her teeth to the tooth fairy. She says they're "too cute"! She lost three within 2 weeks! Now there are 2 more coming out! She's going to have to eat pudding until Christmas!

Teresa said...

Aww, they're growing up so fast. Love her little smile with the missing tooth. So sweet.

Sorry about your illness. I have been suffering with asthma due to the fire in Moorpark, but it's getting better.

Hopefully, we will start to see some fall weather soon!

Jenny said...

I love the focus on the money and then the focus on the tooth. I really enjoy when a series of photos tell a story and you did it perfectly. Super cute post!

Michelle said...

What a cute, cute way to shoot her with the dollar bill! Love it!! I just love the look of that first missing tooth. She is sooooo cute!!!