Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Last Summer Vacation-CCAI Picnic

This weekend was another 4 day adventure to Southern California. We started off on Saturday morning to go to the annual CCAI West Coast Family Reunion. CCAI is the agency that we used for Chloe's adoption. We went to this same reunion last year, just before we adopted Pearl in China. This year, most of the faces had changed, but we still had fun visiting with other families who had either adopted from China or were still waiting to be matched with their Chinese child. One of the couples was from a nearby town to us and we both drove 3 hours just to talk to each other. They may have to wait another year before they receive their referral; I sure hope not. We were so lucky to have only waited 5.5 months from the time we finished our paperwork until the time we first saw Chloe's face. It was then another 8 weeks until we traveled to China.

The girls had a great time jumping in the bounce house, playing with their goodie bags, riding the train, and riding the ponies. Chloe rode a gentle pony in the morning and then declared that she wanted to ride the "fast pony". Those are the ones that trot. Apparently, Chloe was just old enough to ride the fast pony, so we let her ride again in the afternoon and she totally loved it. Pearl specifically requested the "slow pony". She too, had a great time.

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Lauren and Ed said...

That is nice you were able to make a reunion. We missed last year's Fl reunion at Disney. Hopefully, we can make the next one. Looks like the girls had a blast!