Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A New Daughter

Today we welcomed a new daughter for the school year. "Siwei" AKA, Chris has come all the way from Beijing China to attend high school just down the street.

In addition to gaining a new daughter (for the year), this was our first chance to see our new local airport terminal. With our last exchange student 3 years ago, we had to get her luggage on the carousel outside (in the 100+ degree heat). Now everything is indoors and very nice. There is even a replica of the first private aircraft to venture into space. It was designed and constructed here in Kern County.

Not even 4 hours after arriving in America, Pete took Chris and Pearl to a birthday party/going away to college party for a friend of ours. Mom stayed home with Chloe who is sick and a bit fussy. Stay tuned as there will be lots more to come!


Sophie's Mom said...

Can't wait to follow your blog! We want to host a young lady from China probably next school year.

Tell her welcome from me!

Lauren and Ed said...

How neat! How did you get information on doing this?