Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Monday Evening - Long Lost Friends

We stayed in a hotel in Carlsbad. It was very nice and we had a full ocean view from our room. On our first night there, they had movie night on the lawn, just outside our room. It was "Curious George" and it was a special enough occasion to let the girls stay up late. They really enjoyed the show (and the popcorn).

The following evening we reunited with friends Mike and Annetta. Pete went to high school with Mike, but they have lost contact over the years. I think we reconnected on the internet when we found out that they adopted a little girl domestically, shortly after we adopted Chloe.

Their little girl Waverly, is now 22 months old and quite the beauty. What a sweet little girl she is and she was especially nice to share all her toys with Pearl and Chloe.

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