Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Monday Morning - A "Joy" ful Visit

When we were waiting to be matched with Chloe, Mom was cruising the internet, making friends with other hopeful parents. One of the families we shared our wait with was Sharyn and Paul from Oregon. We were matched at the same time and ended up in China at the same time too. Our daughters were from different provinces, but we all ended up in Guangzhou to pick up our daughter's visas to take them home. We had a couple of brief opportunities to meet up in China, but we have been internet friends ever since.

They decided to travel to Oceanside for a summer vacation and we wanted to catch up with them while they were so close. We were also dying to see how much their daughter Joy had changed since she was a 9 month old baby.

The three girls hit it off right away and went wild in their condo, jumping on all the beds and getting out of control. We don't usually let them get this crazy, but it seemed OK with Paul and Sharyn, so we let them be little girls.

After the initial craziness, we walked to a playground on the beach and then later to a restaurant for pizza.

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