Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Surprise for Mom

We are just settling back into our regular routine. Pete and I pick up the girls at daycare, bring them home, let them ride their bikes, then play in the playroom until dinner time and then bath time.

The big challenge is always trying to get the girls to clean up their playroom. Usually it takes threats, pleading, bribing, nagging, and occasional yelling (when Mom finally loses it). As usual, I gave the girls "the speech" during dinner. This is where I explain my expectations and prepare for round two. For the most part, I assist the clean-up while directing their every move.

To my astonishment, the girls finished their dinner and proceeded downstairs on their own and then managed to clean up their entire playroom, without a nag or bribe. I was totally amazed and the girls just beamed when I told them how proud I was and that they could have an extra book at storytime tonight.

Too bad I don't have a before picture, but I am sure you can imagine this room with jigsaw puzzle pieces, legos, baby dolls, and an assortment of trinkets all over the place. I was very proud of my girls tonight.

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Carolin Hunter said...

Lori -

I love all the latest updates! And as I said earlier, I love the photo collages too! I've downloaded the software but that's about as far as I've gotten.

That's too cool that you were able to meet up with another "sweetpea" family. I had forgotten about you guys being in China at the same time.