Friday, March 13, 2009

All Washed Up

After debating about whether to post on this subject, I decided to include it anyway, thus displaying our true lack of parenting skills. My husband got a new blower/vac to help clean up the back yard. He was trying it out and Chloe wanted to help too, so she was skimming the pool. I was inside playing with pictures on my computer (after taking the above shot, of course). Pearl was keeping me company.

They came in the back door to the kitchen and Chloe was soaked from head to toe, shoes and all. Apparently, while Dad was operating the exceedingly loud blower, he had his back turned to Chloe and she had fallen into the deep end of our 55 degree pool. Without any assistance, she swam to the side and pulled herself out without a step ladder. We were really surprised that she wasn't overcome with fear, or the cold water or panic. She remained calm the whole time and saved herself. Dad didn't know anything had happened until Chloe walked up behind him totally drenched. You can bet he won't be turning his back on her again and she won't be cleaning the pool until Summer time.

Thank goodness for those swimming lessons and all those push-ups she does.


Jill said...

Ummmmm, I think we have all had these moments.......
Glad to hear she is okay!
Hugs, Jill

Anonymous said...

Very scary and something to think about- we are opening our pool the first week of April so I will be sure to keep this in mind- so glad she is ok!!! My heart goes to my stomach thinking about it!!!

Marla said...

Oh my gosh! How terrifying! Glad she is fine and that she knew exactly what to do, that's awesome.

Mamacita said...

Oh Lord! What a horrible/lucky thing! What a little tropper! Lina went to my brother's mountain property with her daddy today, without me. The last words out of my mouth were "stay away from the river!" I'm so afraid of kids around water!

Ms Jewl said...

Well done, Chloe. But oh my - you must have been so scared after that.