Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Mornings

Chloe in flowers
Wednesday mornings can be a little challenging in our household. That's because Dad has to be the main person to get the girls ready for school. I have a weekly Rotary Club meeting that begins at 6:30 am.

Pete usually turns Pearl's light on by 5:45-6 AM while I am getting ready for the day. Chloe is still zonked out in bed and nothing will get her stirring yet. By the time I am dressed, I usually have 5 minutes left in which I do Pearl's hair and give Chloe a goodbye kiss and snuggle, while she still lays in bed.

Recently, Dad has been bringing Chloe to our local deli after my meeting and I join them there to spend a few minutes before going to work and before he takes Chloe to preschool. Usually there is something amiss about Chloe's appearance. Her hair is tousled and today I notice that she is wearing her sister's shoes, at least a size too large.

There is a lovely mural on the deli wall of a train running through a beautiful meadow. Chloe asks me, "Mama, what are train tracks made of?" I answer, "They are made of steel and wood." To which she exclaims, "You mean them steal 'em?" After a chuckle, I explained to her that steel is a metal that is very strong. I just love how her mind works. She always wonders about how things work and she is a careful observer.


Rachel said...

So sweet! I love the part about her having on her sister's shoes a size too big!

Your pictures are looking good!

Laura and Erik said...

Ellie Grace is so hard to get up in the mornings too! I have to make her get dressed everyday before breakfast or we would never get anywhere.