Wednesday, March 11, 2009

They're Fighting Over Me

Chloe Chin on Hands
Pearl is my social butterfly. She considers every last child in her KG class to be her friend and she hugs them all. She even knows many of the older kids at school, just from lunch time in the cafeteria. She is always bright, cheerful and bubbly. That's just her nature.

My precious Chloe is another story. She has close friends from daycare that she has known most of her life, but when it come to preschool, she is shy and afraid to make friends. Last year was tough, but this year was a little better. Early on, she made friends with an adorable and rambunctious boy named Dillan. She usually calls him her best friend. More recently she has become friends with a sweet little blonde named Emma. They even had a playdate at Emma's house.

Now she says she has another new friend, Fabian. I don't know who this is. I'll have to go check him out. Two days ago, Chloe came home and said that Dillan and Fabian were fighting over her. I wasn't really sure how to respond...she's only in preschool. I kind of dismissed it and told her she could be friends with both. Then yesterday she came home and said that they were fighting over who could sit next to her in class. I said, "Don't you have two sides? Can't they both sit by you?" She said the teacher had to break it up.

Oh my goodness............It's starting already.

Chloe came up with her own solution. She said that at recess, she will dig holes(?) with Fabian and in class, she will sit next to Dillan.


Marla said...

Oh my word! It seems that this sort of thing happens to our kids awfully early, doesn't it? Jacey came home from school last year with a note from a boy that said he LOVED her! She was in the 1st grade! Her poor Daddy nearly had a stroke over it. :)

Anonymous said...

How funny and sweet! She is a beauty. Love this image of her- so sharp and beautiful!!!

Jennifer said...

I am so jealous of your skills!! All the pictures are awesome. That is definitely a goal of mine and something I want to learn more about and improve! I love keeping up with your girls! We leave in 2 days!!