Thursday, March 12, 2009

Practice Practice Practice


I have been diligently practicing taking pictures every night after work; however, I am struggling with the simplest of challenges, focus. For whatever reason, be it my unsteady hands or a bad camera setting, most of my pictures are not in focus. While it is very frustrating, I was thrilled to see that the best shot I took all evening was also the sharpest shot...yeah.

I really love this picture of Pearl. It shows her sweetness and delicate side. There is a slight dimple just starting to form. You cannot tell that she has had a full day of wildly running around in KG. I didn't even have to run a comb through her hair or wipe her face.


mommy24treasures said...

wow her hair did just have one of those perfect hair days:)
She looks freshly combed and cleaned:)
I practice constantly too. Everday I try so hard to get at least one perfect beautiful shot.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I'm sure Debbie can set you straight! :D

Knopf Family said...

I love your blog. Thanks for your sweet comments on mine this morning. I tried to comment on the one you told me about...not sure if it went through or not. The way you describe your 2 little girls sounds exactly like ours. Carli is our social one and Mayli has a hard time making friends. She really just wants to stick with Carli and kind of "smothers" her. Thank goodness they are in seperate kindergarten classes. We adopted Carli at age 22 months and Mayli was almost 5 when she joined our family. So fun to read your blog too. You are a wonderful photographer:)

Rachel said...

I love the picture! The focus is great. The light is right on her face. Her sweater is bright and vibrant and the color really looks good on her.

Have fun practicing! At least you have a willing model!