Tuesday, March 03, 2009

George Washington's Teeth

Last night I didn't plan anything for dinner. When I walked in the door at 5 PM, Pearl was eating a sandwich and some goldfish crackers. It was beginning to look like we weren't going to have our traditional dinner at the dining table.

Dad found some leftovers and I made Chloe some ramen noodles per her request. Actually, Chloe did most of the work, pouring the water in the pan, putting in the noodles and stirring. I had a frozen dinner. Chloe and I sat down at the table together and we were having great conversation and companionship. Chloe said "I sure wish the whole family was eating together." I was touched.

A few minutes later, Dad joined us and then he made Pearl some leftovers of chicken and broccoli. It was beginning to feel like real family time.

I am not sure how the conversation got onto the presidents. We talked about several of them. Dad asked Chloe if she knew what colors were in the American flag. She not only named the colors, but went into complete descriptive detail (of the stars and stripes) including the flagpole itself. We started talking about the presidents when Chloe asked me, "Which president never smiled?" I had no idea.

She said, "George Washington. Because he lost his teeth when he was really young." Now my pre-schooler is teaching me things! I looked it up and she was right. I guess that money for pre-school is paying off.


ChloeonBike-5egrets in my pine trees




Yesterday Chloe had a major wipeout on her new bike. Her knees were all skinned up and bruised. That afternoon, Dad went into town and picked up helmets and pads for the girls. Hopefully, that will be the end of skinned knees (at least during bike riding).

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Teresa said...

Yep, our girls are just about ready for Motocross, don't you think? At least she got back on the bike! Go Chloe!