Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chloe Fix

Here is a full fix of Chloe. We will have to do Pearl next. Today has been a fun day relaxing around the house. Chloe changes her clothes about 4 times a day. This time, after swimming, Chloe wanted to put on the top that I made for her and she found the matching capris that she has never worn.

I have been wanting to cut Pearl's hair because it is so difficult to comb through every morning without her whining and complaining. She didn't want a haircut, so I decided to cut Chloe's hair first and hopefully, she would see all the positive attention her sister was getting and want a haircut too. Well, it worked like a charm and we now have two girls with haircuts.


Somewhere In The Sun said...

Hey, the hair looks really good! You are becoming a regular jack of all trades! I just love Chloe's sweet smile!


tiffany said...

I am loving all the home made outfits! I taught myself too but havent done it for a while now. Tons of fabric and projects stacked up here but havent made the time to work on them. You are inspiring me to get busy!

Did you figure out the back stitch? Its usually just a button on the front of the machine somewhere. Bet if you look up your machine model online you can find info. :)

Jill W said...

Cute hair cuts & cute outfits. We do a quick braid after the nightly shower to avoid messing tangles in the morning. Works like a charm.