Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Picky Eater

Following is a list of all the foods I can think of which Chloe will eat:

1 Pasta or noodles(with cheese or spaghetti sauce)
2 cinnamon raisin bagel (with cream cheese)
3 rice
4 hot dog (especially with cheese)
5 olives
6 peanuts
7 peanut butter on bread(no jelly)
8 cereal
9 raisins
10 cheese, cheese, cheese
11 one or two french fries
12 beans, pinto or chilli
13 cookies
14 chocolate ice cream
15 chocolate candy
16 cheese pizza

Actually, I came up with about 5 items more than I thought I would. Aside from olives and raisins, Chloe wont' eat fruit, but she will drink apple and orange juice. I would make a list for Pearl too, but it would be endless. This girl covets our veggies if I don't put enough of them on her plate. I guess they sort of balance each other out.

UPDATE 7/23: Add #17 & #18 to the list to include "chips" and "butter". Chloe thinks of butter as a stand-alone food rather than a condiment. Chloe will NOT touch vegetables, although she claims to like carrots, but just to look at. Her sister Pearl is the fruit and veggie lover who will try anything and say she loves it, even if she really doesn't like it.


Somewhere In The Sun said...

My teenager is a picky eater too. It's really hard to get him to eat a balanced meal! It was easeir when he was younger. Now he makes his own choices and it's usually just meat!
It's good that Chloe loves veggies!


Jennifer said...

OMG you are describing Taylor, let's see he will eat rice, seaweed, kimche, canned chicken only in his rice and made soupy, cereal, pb&j, granola bars (2-3 per day), milk, apple juice, capri sun, gatorade and oh yeah anything that is sweet. Loves Loves chocolate, cookies, and cakes. Oh yeah he will eat grapes, bananas and watermelon. If you notice that doesn't leave many options for lunch and supper each day. The dresses are precious by the way!

Donna said...

I think my Gwenny wins the picky eater contest hands down. She'll only eat beige food. Period. Since fattening foods are beige, she weighs a wopping 48 pounds now! She's in the 90% for height and 100% for weight.

Maddy, on the other hand, will eat just about anything but only microscopic amounts of it. She weighs 28 pounds now and is in the 65% for height and 5% for weight.

Michael is a vegetarian, Andrew is a Brit (boils everything) so making dinner at my house is hard because nobody eats the same thing.

I'm tempted to just put food on the table and let people starve if they're too picky to eat it.



mommy24treasures said...

Mine have different tastes as well. They all have definite preferences for dif things. Caitlyn being the pickiest. Jacob is the most all around eater. He loves his veggies and fruit too.