Sunday, July 06, 2008

"Mingo" Dress

Today I finished another creation, a dress for Chloe. She went with me to the fabric store and picked out flamingos in a matter of seconds. Chloe has been so eager to have her new "Mingo" dress that she has been asking me if she can help make it. She also calls it her "hula" dress. I think that's because we were just in Hawaii.

We picked out pink dragonflies for Pearl's dress and I will begin working on it today. Chloe is so excited about her new dress that she refuses to take it off.


Stacey T. said...

I saw your comment on Donna's blog regardin speech therapy and I wanted to tell you that your school district HAS TO give your daughter an evaluation for speech if she is older then 3, it is a Federal Law... she might qualify for some minor help, to major. Ryleigh goes 1 time a week for an hour through our school district for free, and it has helped tremendously!

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Oh my gosh! It's adorable! Was it hard? I really want to learn how to do it called rouching? Where did you get the pattern? I'm so swamped with orders that I can't sew for Olivia! I guess that's a good thing though! I ordered a serger..I hope I can figure out how to use it. :)

I LOVE that she calls it her Mingo dress. That is just too cute.


Donna said...

I love that dress! And your little model is darling too!



Mission to Macie said...

i am now offically jealous of you and Lynn!

that dress is adorable!!!

great job!

Jill :)