Sunday, July 13, 2008

Twirl Skorts

It's nap time here and I just finished up a pair of skorts, one for Chloe and one for Pearl. These were very simple, but a lot of work. I think I will probably omit the pantaloons in future attempts. I will post more pictures later of the girls wearing them, perhaps another day.

For the first time,I ordered fabric online. When it finally arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was even prettier in reality that it appeared on my computer monitor. This sewing hobby is quickly becoming some sort of addiction as I search for fabrics that I like (not necessarily loved by my girls). From my education in architectural design, I developed a love for almost anything Art Noveau or Art Deco, and when I found this Midwestern Design by Amy Butler, I fell in love.

Knowing that Pearl isn't picky, I planned to make her a skirt of the fabric I purchased online. Then I went to the fabric store to find something suitable for a skort for Chloe. After skimming through rainbows and ladybugs, I stumbled across this beautiful mermaid fabric. I knew I had an instant dilemma. This fabric was so cute that I knew both Chloe and Pearl would want the same thing (since they both go gaga over mermaids), but I wasn't about to make two identical skorts. Relying on the fact that Pearl wasn't picky, I bought it anyway and decided I would offer Pearl a future trip to the fabric store to pick out her own selection next time.

Just as I predicted, Pearl walked in on me laying out the fabrics for this project. She saw the mermaids and exclaimed "Oooh, Mermaids. How beautiful!!" I delicately explained to her that this was for Chloe and I pointed her to the green Art Noveau fabric. Typical Pearl, she looked at the green trees and said, "OOOh Mama, this is my favorite. I love it. Trees and flowers." That is what is so amazing about Pearl. She always manages to be happy with what she is given (even when I know deep down, she preferred the mermaids). Nevertheless, I still promised to take her to the store with me next time and she would get to make her own choice.

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Somewhere In The Sun said...

They look great! I love the fabric choices. You made 2 while they were napping??? I'm impressed. You've scared me a little about them being hard though. :)
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