Friday, July 04, 2008


Every year on the third of July, we have the best seat in town to view the fireworks display, right in our own front yard. Many of Mom's coworkers from City Hall come over and set up camp in the yard, some even bringing trailers. Our view is so good that we can even see the people on the ground lighting the fireworks. Chloe and Pearl ooohed and aaaahed all the way through the show. This year Chloe was less afraid and even though the loud booms bothered her, she still enjoyed describing what she was seeing to me in great detail, play by play ("Mommy, this one has rainbow colors" as she waves her arms in a sweeping arc). It was so cute.

We celebrate on the third of July so that our small town can get a "Big City" quality show. Most of the fireworks companies are booked at the larger venues on the 4th, but this gives us a chance for a first-rate show on a local level. Then, if we want, we can travel somewhere on the 4th and continue the celebrations.

This year we will be joining the Kern County Chinese Americans as they celebrate Independence Day in a park in the city. We'll be sure to post pictures later on.

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