Saturday, August 02, 2008

Another Weekend at Home

Given the current economy, we are sticking close to home. We had a fabulous Hawaiian vacation in June, and now we are trying to keep our expenses down. We have had a string of great weekends at home, swimming in the pool, playing with each other, eating meals at home and more sewing.

Here are two more items of clothing that I made. I designed Chloe's top myself, but it turned out a bit too short and maybe a bit too snug. Pearl's dress is a bit long and oversized, but I think she pulls it off. It goes nicely with the Madagascar Bandaid, don't you think? Looks like the girls will have plenty of school clothes.

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Laura and Erik said...

Chloe and Pearl are beautiful! The clothes you are making are very nice. The girls will be the best dressed at school this year!