Sunday, August 10, 2008

Little Swiss Miss

This weekend I made another dress for Chloe (well, more for me than her, but she gets to wear it) and it was my most fun project yet. I have had the Mod pink flower fabric for awhile now, but needed something to go with it, so I made another trip to the fabric store and found three great matching fabrics.

I have been viewing for ideas. Etsy is a website similar to Ebay, but all the sellers are artists that create their own products. Some of you reading this may already have an Etsy store of your own. There are some amazing children's clothes at some incredible prices. I noticed that apron fronts seem to be popular now, so I took my basic peasant dress pattern and added an apron to the front. I added pink piping around the edges and embellished it with a fabric yo-yo for some extra detail. Then I made some matching yo-yos for hair clippies.

The only thing that surprised me about this dress is that it looks European. Maybe it's the apron, maybe it's the checked border on the bottom, or maybe it's just my imagination. All she needs is a bandana in her hair and a big Swiss Mug in her hand.

Hot cocoa anyone?


Somewhere In The Sun said...

Beautiful!! I'm SO glad you got to make something with YOUR choice of fabrics! Piping is not easy to do. I think yur choice of patterns is what makes it look European. That's the hot look right now. I LOVE it!


Bella's momma said...

Your have a beautiful family!!!

Donna said...

When I first saw it, I thought it looked a bit like a Dirndl and I just LOVED it! I lived in Germany for 5 years and thought their traditional dresses were so charming!

You're 'sew' good at this! (sorry, couldn't resist!)


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mommy24treasures said...

oh its so cute!

I love your little swimmer and crhitect below too! There is alot of talent at your home!