Saturday, August 16, 2008

I've Got A Secret

Betty Chu has been a close friend and competitor of mine for many years. We quit competing about 8 years ago, but Betty continues to dominate the field of showing rabbits, and particularly, English Angora rabbits. Pete and I eventually moved on to raise a family of the human variety, while Betty and her husband Albert continue to raise their bunny family.

Two years ago, she was invited to appear on the game show "I've Got A Secret". Her appearance on the show lasted just under seven minutes and can be seen here. Scroll down to the bottom to view the video. I thought you might find this a bit entertaining. We used to show the exact same variety of rabbit.

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Somewhere In The Sun said...

That was SO fun to watch!! I laughed out loud several times. Way cool that you know her. Thanks for posting it!