Thursday, August 14, 2008

Famous Quotes

The other day we were sitting at the dining table and Chloe was rubbing her forehead. She exclaimed, "I got a gab on my sorehead", which of course, translates to "I have a scab on my forehead."

Really, I think it was only a small boo boo.

Yesterday, Daddy was bringing the girls in from the swimming pool. He was trying to help them get dressed in the laundry room downstairs. Chloe loudly remarked, "Daddy! Get out! You can't see me naked. Only when we get married. Mo-om!"

She still thinks she's gonna marry Daddy when she grows up. I remember thinking the same thing too when I was her age!

Pearl received her new Kindergarten backpack in the mail yesterday. She was so excited because it is pink and covered in princesses and fairies. Her name is embroidered on the outside and we will be shopping this weekend for lots of goodies to fill it up with. Monday is the BIG DAY!


Anonymous said...

Girls are sure growing up. Aren't they funny. I've been following your wonderful family for awhile, gosh, my oldest niece adopted from China was 8 in March, so perhaps as long as you've been blogging.

Oh now I remember, my niece is named Chloe too, so that's how I found your blog. Anyway, sure enjoy seeing them grow up.

Cute story about my nieces: My little calculator needs a new battery. My 8 1/2 yr old niece turned the calculator over, looks at the back of it and says "Hey there's a circuit board in here. Maybe I can take it out, rewire the circuit board and use it for my compost machine". Sheesh, rewire a circuit board.....compost machine !!

Youngest niece is 4 1/2. We were reading her National Geographic Kids magazine. The article was about an animal on the endagered species list and what we can do to go green and save future animals from extinction. I read the article to her and when I got to the part about saving this animal, she jumped down, ran and got her scissors, and cut the picture of this animal out of the magazine. She said "I can save this picture of this animal and I bet other kids have a different animal in their magazine and they will cut it out and save it too". Kids are so literal at the age of 4. Clearly she doesn't understand going green yet, she literally is saving that picture from the magazine.

Anyway, these stories are so cute. When they are 16 years old, or even at the wedding reception, it will be cute to tell them again.

Blessings, Gail (Sonoma)

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Oh that's so funny!! I love how their little minds think.


tiffany said...

Love these funnies. :)