Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Warning! Do not click on the picture unless you want a REAL graphic look.

Our daycare provide took the week off to go to the beach. Since work (residential engineering)here is slow, Dad decided to keep the girls home with him for the week and save a few bucks. Today he decided to take Chloe and Pearl to the waterpark and let them have some fun. While playing, Chloe managed to collide with a little boy and bust her two front teeth. It took a couple of minutes before she started crying (and for the blood to start flowing). Fortunately, our Dentist was able to see her right way, still in her swimsuit, and he reassured us that no permanent damage was done. Her baby teeth may still be goners, but for now they are still straight and still attached. We already had an appointment scheduled for early next month to fill a hole, so they will be following up on this too. This is the second time Chloe has damaged these teeth. I hope they manage to hang around for another year or two.

Note: The brown mess on her lips is from chocolate ice cream, because it hurts too much to eat anything else, right?


Somewhere In The Sun said...

Bless her heart! She sure looks happy though. :D Maybe it's the thoughts of more ice cream!


Suzane @Strawberry Patches said...

OMG those girls and outfits are just TOO cut! You are so talented and no wonder you are hooked on sewing. Not only are you good but you have great models!!