Monday, August 18, 2008

It's Official-We Have a Kindergartener

After two long years of rigorous preschool, Pearl is now in Kindergarten. Pearl's school is just a few years old and this is the first year that the Kindergarten classes will go a full day. Shown in the pictures with Pearl are two friends from daycare and her cousin Faith, who were all returning to school for another year.

Mom and Dad went to class with Pearl for the first day to go through orientation. There are 18 kids in her class, 2 are semi-familiar faces (at least the parents are).

It appears that there are about 3 kids in Pearl's class that don't speak English (we live in a community with a large migrant population) and the teacher doesn't speak Spanish, so that should be interesting. There are four other Kindergarten classes at this school, and I suspect there is a much larger percentage of Spanish-speaking children in those other classrooms.

After some playing, the children were asked to sit with their parents through the orientation. Pearl kept slouching (falling out of the chair-slouching) and shifting and yawning. I hope it gets better. The other kids seemed to be paying more attention than Pearl, or at least they weren't overtly bored. Here's to a great year!!!


Somewhere In The Sun said...

She looks so sweet! And happy about school! :D


Lauren and Ed said...

Wow! What a big day for your little one! She looks picture perfect and ready to learn. Hope she has a great school year!

Mission To Macie said...

what a cutie!

i tagged you on my blog........go check it out!

i hope y'all can play :)


Mamacita said...

Awwww! So cute! We're just two weeks behind you!

tiffany said...

Isnt it something, starting K? I remember when we first came home with Sophie and K seemed a MILLION years away. Oh how time flies.

Carol said...

WOW...Time is flying and our little ones are growing up! She looks so adorable. Tori grew so much during the year of all ways. These kids SO amaze me! All of them